Version 19


  • Fusion viewers are now color managed.
  • Multi Poly tool for easier rotoscoping of complex objects.
  • Support for Open Color IO 2.3.
  • Support for referenced Fusion compositions in the media pool.
  • USD enhancements for Material X and advanced volumetric shading.
  • Stereoscopic 3D clip support in Fusion compositions.
  • Multiple shape toolset enhancements.
  • Improved Text+ inspector and on-screen controls.
  • Support for deleting and resetting layers in MultiMerge.
  • Option for sBooleans to retain the upstream style.
  • Option to specify duplication path in duplicate tools.
  • Set control to default now clears animations, modifiers and expressions.
  • Ability to match planar tracker sizes to dissimilar logo and image overlays.
  • Faster rendering of streaming 3D textures in compositions.
  • Up to 3x faster Magic Mask performance in Fusion.
  • New left flow and mid flow UI presets with vertical viewer layouts.

Version 18.6


  • Support for extruding and beveling 3D shapes.
  • Support for polygon shape tool.
  • Support for rendering USD scenes with materials and volumes.
  • Support for replacing materials with imported MaterialX files.
  • Support for modifying imported cameras and lights.
  • Improved USD toolset including uVisibility and uVariant.
  • Improved USD Loader with Trim, Loop and Reverse support.
  • New scene tree dialog for object selection in USD.
  • Context menu option in the node and keyframe views to reset tool trims.
  • Support for DaVinci Intermediate conversion options in Fusion tools.

Version 18.5


  • Support for importing Universal Scene Description (USD) files.
  • Introduction of the USD toolset for managing USD assets.
  • Support for USD Hydra based renderers including Storm.
  • New multi merge tool for compositing multiple layers.
  • Support for a native AI-based depth map tool in Studio.
  • GPU accelerated Clean Plate.
  • GPU accelerated Anaglyph.
  • Up to 3x faster renders when using Fusion splitter tool.
  • Find in media pool for clips and MediaIns in Fusion page.
  • Support for OpenEXR DWA compression in Fusion savers.
  • Support for BMD Film Gen 5 in Fusion’s CineonLog tool.
  • Support for previewing individual shape tools.
  • Project setting option to disable tone mapping for Fusion conversions.
  • Media pool relink, replace and reveal for USD, FBX and Alembic assets.
  • Project archives now include USD, FBX and Alembic assets.
  • Media pool indicator for offline USD, FBX and Alembic assets.

Version 18.1


  • Integrated keyboard configuration for Fusion actions.
  • Support for Magic Mask in the Fusion page.
  • Support for Resolve FX Keyers, Dust Buster, Lens Flare and Stop Motion.
  • New media-in background mode to access edit track composites.
  • Up to 10x faster Text+ playback and render performance.
  • Search for Fusion nodes using common keywords and categories.
  • Faster VariBlur with GPU acceleration.
  • Faster FilmGrain with GPU acceleration.
  • Support for ARRI LogC4 and ARRI Wide Gamut 4 in the Fusion page.

Version 18


  • Multi-button mode selection in inspector for multiple tools.
  • Support for all modern and future python 3 versions for scripting.
  • Support for live previews when using the Text+ color picker.
  • Multiple new composition blend modes.
  • New expression animated Custom Poly modifier for masks and strokes.
  • Faster GPU accelerated paint tool with smoother strokes.
  • Faster duplicate tool with additional blur, glow and size controls.
  • Improved fade-on and text ripple title performance.
  • Improved performance for night vision, glitch, TV and other effects.

Version 17.4


  • Text+ support for combined glyphs and right to left language layouts.
  • Improved vertical Text+ layout, vertical glyphs, rotation and line direction.
  • Improved Text+ character grouping, spacing, underlining and borders.
  • Text+ supports per-character stylistic sets for supported fonts.
  • Support for OpenType features, including old-style numbers in Text+.
  • Multiple Text+ improvements for character styling and animation.
  • Hover to show tool descriptions in the effects panel and add tool window.
  • Improved default tracker search and pattern size for grid warps.
  • New search area scale slider in tracker options.

Version 17.3


  • DRFX bundles can be double-clicked to install on Windows and Linux.
  • Support for viewing node type by holding ⌘ ⇧ E.

Version 17


  • Audio playback along with waveform display in the keyframes panel.
  • Viewing and editing clip and timeline markers in the keyframes panel.
  • Resolve FX Dead Pixel Fixer, DCTL and Patch Replacer.
  • Support for bookmarks to switch between different views in the node editor.
  • Anim curves modifier for convenient easing and shaping of animations.
  • Support for user customization of the Fusion toolbar above the node editor.
  • Support for auto creating a composition when adding tools or media.
  • Support for additional dual screen layouts.
  • Support for full featured unified inspector with tabs and keyframe control.
  • Initial support for a GPU accelerated 2D shapes toolkit for motion graphics.
  • Improved optical flow behavior.
  • Improved handling of SVG images in Fusion.