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Unleashed Editing within Final Cut Pro X – Resolve

A new look on your footages, for a more efficient editing either with the last version of Davinci Resolve or Final Cut Pro X.

Customized Effect, Titles, for Final Cut Pro X : Motion

You need a true professionnel crédit roll, a Fully customized Title useable in Final Cut Pro X. I can do that for you with Motion.

Any (un)compressed type of file

Need the best compressed file for any type of Master or Broadcasting with the best quality/size ratio : DPX, Apple ProRes, DNxHR, XAVC, H264, HEVC, Netflix-IMF

Collaborative Work

Very happy to meet you to start a project, no need to always be in the same room, building, city, country to make progress on work. We can easily collaborate with XMLs files.

Optimized Workflows

Learn to work with the most efficient way with your editing/color grading harware. Every single step of your actual workflow are trulli necessary ?Are they Optimized ? You can surely save some storage, export duration and thus money.

Back-up & Archives

Digital storage isn’t flawless. Get a robust backup strategy of your footage and archiving your project customised for your budget at the maximum  speed/size/safety ratio.

Need for a new hardware

Handmade postproduction Workstation (OS X) : Resolve, After effect, Motion, Final Cut Pro X … dedicated for your needs and budget (CPUs, GPUs, RAM, SSD, RAID, etc…)

Contact me at :  olivier(at)edifast.fr