Workflow – Originals Media

Classic simplest scheme : Working with only one software with the natif media (Without any transcode)

Workflow n°1 – 1 Software – Native Media. Clic ➧ Enlarge

A little bit more complex scheme :  2 softwares that exchange Timeline and the links to media throat an XML file.

Workflow n°2 – 2 Softwares – Native Media. Clic ➧ Enlarge


  1. no Transcode ➧ save time
  2. Native Media doesn’t need huge storage ➧ 1  simple Hard Drive is enough
  3. Native Media have a low Bandwidth ➧ 1  simple Hard Drive is enough
  4. XML file allows to keep track to the media from one software to another


  1. Big part if not all of the workstation’s CPU power is used to decode the media while just playing