Workflow – Optimised Media

Workflows with lossless Transcode of all the native Media

Workflow n°3 – 1 Software – Optimised Media. Clic ➧ Enlarge

A little bit more complex scheme :  2 softwares that exchange Timeline and the links to media throat an XML file.

Workflow n°4 – 2 Softwares – Optimised Media. Clic ➧ Enlarge


    1. Lossless Transcode ➧ Optimised Media are identical to Native Media
    2. Optimised Media have a low decode complexity ➧ Less CPU power is used for the playback (crucial for RealTime Softwares)
    3. XML file allows to keep track to the media from one software to another


  1. Transcode ➧ Take a lot of time
  2. lOptimised Media take a huge space ➧ Need for a big RAID storage
  3. Optimised Media have a high bandwidth ➧ Need for a fast RAID storage