Workflow – internal Proxy & Original

Since several years editing softwares can Proxy transcode all  imported native Media. It makes things simpler.

Workflow n°8 : Editing Software does the Proxy Transcoding. Clic ➧ Enlarge

The key benefits is that each timeline’s clips has 2 sources : Proxy Media & Native Media.

Workflow n°6 : Native Media are only used for final Export. Clic ➧ Enlarge


  1. Transcoding happens during classify & review the clips
  2. Media doesn’t need huge storage ➧ 1  simple Hard Drive is enough
  3. Media have a low Bandwidth ➧ 1  simple Hard Drive is enough
  4. Native Media (complex) are ONLY used for final Export


  1. Color grading on Proxys media is a nonsense

With 2 software, it has no interest, too unbalanced between the CPU horsepower needed for Editing and Color grading.

Workflow n°7 : balanced issue: no go. Clic ➧ Enlarge