Workflow – internal Proxy & Optimised

Since several years editing softwares can Proxy transcode all  imported native Media. It makes things simpler.

Workflow n°6 : Editing Software does the Proxy Transcoding. Clic ➧ Enlarge

Thus Editing can take place on less powerful workstation than with the Originals.

Workflow n°8 : Optimise Transcode of timeline’s clips. Clic ➧ Enlarge

Thanks to the XML file only trimmed Media in the timeline are transcoded in Optimised media.

Workflow n°8 : Trimmed Optimised Media allow to finish the workflow. Clic ➧ Enlarge

The XML file and a conformation with trimmed Optimised Media are enough for Color Grading.


  1. Lossless Transcode ➧ Optimised Media are identical to Native Media
  2. Proxy & Optimised Media have a low decode complexity ➧ Less CPU power is used for the playback (crucial for RealTime Softwares)


  1. Optimised Media have a high bandwidth ➧ Need for a fast RAID storage
  2. 1 conformations.